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Disability Services

Our Mission:

It is the mission of the Disability Services Office to help student with disabilities develop academically, socially and spiritually through support.  

Goals of Disability Services Office

The Disability Services Office seeks to empower students with disabilities to access all aspects of university life at Southwestern Adventist University through:

  1. The implementation of appropriate accommodations in accordance with Section 504/ADA policy.
  2. Assisting students with disabilities as they learn to self-advocate. Assist them with academic excellence, time-management and self-knowledge.
  3. Coordinating academic and other support services by collaborating with the students, faculty and university staff.
  4. Education of the university faculty and staff about disability issues and concerns.
  5. Fostering student development academically, socially and spiritually through the support of the Disabilities Services Office.

Services and Accommodations:

The Disability Services Office offers a range of accommodations and support services designed to assist students with disabilities.  Each person has a unique set of needs, and reasonable accommodations are determined on an individual basis, utilizing the student's disability-related documentation.  The accommodations and services are available to students with appropriate documentation on file.  Accommodations and services include: 


The following services may be available on a case by case basis depending on the documented disability:

  • Determination of appropriate accommodations
  • Note takers
  • Extended testing time
  • Classroom accommodations or modifications
  • Communication with faculty and advisor regarding student needs
  • Assistance obtaining recorded textbooks and identifying readers/scribes/attendants
  • Information and referral for additional services
  • accessibility information
  • advocacy
  • audio books
  • braille materials (limited)
  • Distraction Free Testing
  • sign-language interpreters

Additional services and accommodations may be offered based on documented needs.

Disability Services Office

The Director of Disability Services serves as a liaison for students with the faculty, staff, and administration.  The Director’s office is located in Room 125 in Scales Hall which is in the basement of Scales Hall.